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  • Even Joe Scarborough Is Starting To Say Donald Trump Sounds Like A Nazi (VIDEO)


    For many, many months, several conservatives have stood idly by as Donald Trump has said the most remarkably racist things. It’s as though they’ve been able to just look past the blatant racism and embrace the man as though he’s just garnering enthusiasm through his policies alone.

    Except, he has no policies besides rhetoric and blind talk.

    What’s becoming apparent now to even those who have clearly thrown their support behind Trump is that, yes, Trump is, in fact, a racist.

    Even MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe, who has practically been Trump’s flunky since the start of his campaign, is now starting to realize how dangerous the presumptive nominee’s rhetoric is.

    While having Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake on his show, who was there denouncing Trump’s racism surrounding Trump not wanting a judge of Mexican descent to preside over the Trump University case, Scarborough said:

    “And also a guy who was born in America, a guy from Midwest like Paul Ryan, born in Indiana. He’s not even looking at his citizenship, he’s not even looking at his place of birth. I mean, this sounds like Nuremberg. Are you 1/32nd Jewish?’ ‘Are you 1/16th black?’ ‘Are you 1/8th Mexican?’ I mean, what standard is this? It’s not American.”

    If you’re unaware, Nuremberg Laws were those that prevented Jews from becoming Reich citizens during the time of Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. They legalized Jewish persecution, making the Holocaust possible. According to the National Archives:

    “The so-called “Nuremberg Laws”— a crucial step in Nazi racial laws that led to the marginalization of German Jews and ultimately to their segregation, confinement, and extermination.”

    So, Scarborough’s comparison of Trump’s rhetoric to Nuremberg is not to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s actually coming from a place of sincere legitimacy that we all need to be taking very seriously, because it’s a pretty accurate comparison. And for a man like Scarborough to say it, a man who has seemingly been in Trump’s corner the whole time, this comparison is pretty deafening.

    Trump seems to want an America where only the people he sees fit to live and rule here are allowed. If that doesn’t send shivers down your spine, who knows what will.

    Watch the remarks here:


    Featured image via video screen capture