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  • Former Fascist Country Has A Message About Trump That Every American Must Hear


    Benito Mussolini, the infamous dictator of Italy from 1922-1943, unleashed an ideology that would go on to spawn the fascism under Nazi Germany that lead to World War II, the deaths of tens of millions of people, and the destruction of Europe. Thus, Italians know a thing or two about fascism. They issued a warning to U.S. voters: watch out for Donald Trump.

    Mussolini, who was eventually hung for his crimes by his own people, wasn’t the last time Italy had an individual in power with fascist tendencies. Silvio Berlusconi has been elected to the position of prime minister four times and he and Trump have lots in common.

    Both made their billions through real estate and both came into politics promising to use their business knowledge to improve the country’s economy. Notorious womanizers, both also blame their country’s woes on immigration. For our fascist here in the U.S., it’s demonizing Mexicans and Muslims while Berlusconi has also had a reputation of demonizing Muslim immigrants, and like Trump, Islam in general. We already know of Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the country and we know that he’s blamed Islam for the violence caused by terrorists claiming to kill in the name of the religion. In a striking similarity, here’s what Berlesconi said: 

    “We must be aware of the superiority of our civilization, a system that has guaranteed well-being, respect for human rights and — in contrast with Islamic countries — respect for religious and political rights, a system that has as its value understanding of diversity and tolerance.”

    Here’s what the Trump clone said about immigration:

    “The left’s idea is of a multi-ethnic Italy. That’s not our idea.”

    Gian Franco Gallo, a political affairs analyst with ABS Securities in Milan, Italy, said that Berlusconi and Trump are essentially the same person:

    “For Italy watching the election in the U.S. gives us a sense of déjà vu. It’s like you’re re-watching a horror movie, and as the protagonist is about to get ambushed, you throw your hands up and scream at the screen, ‘Don’t go through that door!’ ”

    The Italians know all too well what effect the rise of their dictator had on Italy. Italy has suffered long periods of economic strife, political corruption got worse, and Berlusconi’s sex scandals disgusted the country with child sex allegations. Today, Berlusconi is barred from holding office because of his legal problems.  It all sounds like Trump’s future.

    Here’s what a retired school teacher had to say:

    “There might have been a time when I would have liked Trump, and it’s true he can be charming. But that doesn’t work on me anymore. I supported Berlusconi and ended up losing part of my pension by being forced to retire early. When you get taken advantage of by one con man, you can see the next one coming 100 steps away.”

    Then there’s this warning from a restaurant manager:

    “Every time I see Donald Trump, I think of Silvio Berlusconi. I don’t say not to vote for him. In fact, I supported Berlusconi for a while. But if you do vote for someone like that, understand what you get. Silvio always did what was best for Silvio. I think Trump is probably the same.”

    Let’s hope that America doesn’t get entangled with Trump. The future of America would be in jeopardy.

    Featured image via video Wikimedia Commons.