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  • Trump Was Just Confronted By Neo-Nazi In Front Of Thousands, His Response Was CRAZY (VIDEO)


    Donald Trump has so infused his presidential campaign with all manner of prejudice and bigotry that a shocking display of hate appeared at a campaign rally held in Reno, Nevada, on Wednesday night. A man who identified himself as a member of the so-called “alt-right,” the hate movement that has grown in visibility over the course of Trump’s campaign, appeared and began chanting pro-Hitler sentiments as Trump spoke.

    He even identified himself to the media as a proud neo-Nazi.

    Brady Garrett, 25, was holding up signs during the rally that said “Research Holocaust Revisionism” and “1488,” the latter of which is a combination of numbers emblematic of Nazism and white supremacy. He was escorted out of the event by Trump security.

    Talking to reporters after the rally, Garrett said the United States needs “to put European Americans first” and disparaged Zionists.

    Garrett confirmed that he was a neo-Nazi and disputed facts about the Holocaust. When asked if he thinks espousing such views at a Trump rally could hurt the Republican nominee, he said, “No.”

    Video shot at the scene shows Garrett arguing that the Nazis could not have killed as many Jews in gas ovens as the historical record and eyewitness accounts from thousands of survivors have testified to over decades.

    Trump has attracted support from a spectrum of white nationalists and allied hate groups, including former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke who has endorsed Trump and promotes his candidacy on social media. In return, Trump refused to denounce or rebuke Duke’s endorsement when asked about it in a CNN interview. Trump refused to reject the klansman three times in that interview, only later issuing a rebuke of the man.

    The Trump campaign has embraced the “alt-right,” putting in Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon as the head of the campaign, despite a police report that alleged Bannon had used anti-Semitic language.

    The Trump campaign also allowed a white nationalist radio show to broadcast from a campaign event, and Donald Trump Jr. gave an interview to a white nationalist, who complained with him about “political correctness.”

    Featured image via screen capture