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  • New FBI Director Has A Message For Trump That’s Going To Send Him Into A Twitter Fit

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    Donald Trump is in the business of firing and hiring at the same time. As Scaramucci was sent packing through the White House employee revolving doors, in came new FBI director Christopher Wray. Now, Scaramucci was probably sent packing because he was stealing Trump’s shine. If that’s the case, Wray’s policies will probably send him packing too.

    In his interview with the The New York Times, Trump mentioned that the FBI director needs to always answer to him. Saying,

    The FBI person really reports directly to the president of the United States, which is interesting.

    That is a little strange that he would say this, on a count of it not being TRUE! Wray has already stated that he wants order while working within the White House and that means everything should be done correctly. And according to The Department of Justice, the FBI director reports to the attorney general. Which is Jeff Sessions, for now.

    As reported by Slate, during Wray’s confirmation hearing last month he let it be known that he about playing by the rules. Something Trump does not understand.  He said,

    “No one should mistake [his] low-key demeanor for a lack of resolve … or willingness to compromise on principle. “My commitment is to the rule of law, to the Constitution, to follow the facts wherever they may lead. And there isn’t a person on this planet whose lobbying or influence could convince to just drop or abandon a properly predicated and meritorious investigation.”

    Welp, I think he may want to have that conversation with the president because in Trump’s mind everyone answers to him. He refuses to be outshined and out bossed. Let’s hope he doesn’t take to Twitter to throw him under the bus!


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