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  • Republican Audience Stunned After Trump Goes On Rant Against GOP, What Happens Next Humiliates Him

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    It’s not every day that you see Donald Trump ripping on a member of his own par— you know what? I couldn’t even get through that sentence without laughing. It seems like we can’t go five minutes without watching Trump implode on someone — Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t matter — who has pissed him off in some way.

    At the Republican winter meeting, held at the Trump International hotel just five blocks from the White House, Trump took aim at a former — and possibly future — challenger in the Republican primary, Ohio Governor John Kasich. The moderate Republican, long one of Trump’s most fierce critics, has been a thorn in the president’s side since well before the election, having been one of the first to come out swinging against the Trump campaign for its blatant racism, sexism, xenophobia, and a prediction of what kind of damage a Trump presidency would do to the Republican party.

    If Trump thinks HE is good at seeing the future, he should really take a lesson from John Kasich.

    During the meeting, Trump hammered Kasich by name, mocking him and calling him out as one of his most “relentless” critics. Trump even brought onto the stage the man who had organized his Ohio campaign and helped him beat the governor in his own state, Bob Paduchik, who Trump named the RNC co-chair after seeing his success in the crucial swing state.

    But after his ridiculous tirade, John Kasich’s adviser, John Weaver, tweeted out a couple of facts at the president that had to make more than a few Republicans squirm, who clapped and cheered as Trump bullied his way through yet another bloviating speech:

    You can’t argue with numbers, and Weaver is correct: Most of America HATES Donald Trump, and with good reason. He’s not just an arrogant jerk who committed crimes along the way to “winning” a presidency he never deserved and the majority of Americans didn’t want him to have. He’s also destroying not just his own party, but any trust the average citizen ever had in any Republican politician.

    Featured image via Sean Gallup/Getty Images