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  • Lunatic Trump Goes On Foolish Rant, Shows His Naiveté Over N. Korea; This Won’t End Well

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    On Saturday morning, beginning around 11 AM local time, Donald Trump appeared to be back in full form on Twitter, crowing about his many important meetings with world leaders and how many arms he’s been twisting lately to Make America Great (by force if necessary) around the world.

    He praised himself for issuing the second pardon of his presidency, this one to a former sailor convicted of taking and keeping pictures of highly-classified areas of a nuclear submarine, although to be honest I’m not sure why he would bring it up — it will only remind people of the first pardon he issued, to convicted white supremacist sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    But after going on and on about his meetings with China and Japan, and his visit to the district where he’s issuing yet another kiss-of-death endorsement to a Republican candidate for fear that the hugely popular Democrat running against him will win the special election there — he’s up by four points in the district that Trump won by 20 in 2016 — Donald Trump sent out a tweet that really brought every full circle back to what an idiot he is.

    Following the big news over the last few days of meeting face-to-face with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, something other presidents and world leaders have always eschewed without first demanding and extracting major concessions from the despotic leader, Trump is eager to prove that somehow, some way, his bluff and bluster will be what finally brings down the nuclear ambitions of North Korea.

    In his own head, he has been convinced that he’s the only one who could “fix” what’s wrong in this country and in our relationships abroad, and it makes him look downright foolish:

    Let me give you a hint, Donnie: North Korea doesn’t care what you “believe” they’ll do.

    Featured image via Michael Reynolds/Pool/Getty Images