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  • BREAKING: McMaster Is Out, Gets Replaced By Insane Warmonger; America In Trouble

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    Although we were warned that it might happen by multiple reports from multiple news outlets, it seems surreal to see the breaking news that Donald Trump has fired his national security adviser H.R. McMaster — a former Lieutenant General who actually fought in the Gulf War during the Bush years — and replaced him with former UN Ambassador under Bush John Bolton, the guy who helped engineer that war.

    You know, the war that Trump swears he would never have waged, the one he says he would never have allowed if he’d been president at the time.

    That’s right, Trump is so opposed to the Iraq War that he hired a guy who remains to this day convinced that there were WMD hidden somewhere in the country that we simply didn’t find, or that our satellites just somehow missed as they were snuck into Syria (where they also weren’t found).

    You know all the words to this song: Like Bush, Trump always appoints the worst possible candidate for any given position. When Bush appointed Bolton his UN Ambassador, it was after Bolton had publicly said that the Secretariat Building in New York City could lose the top ten of its 38 stories and “it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.” Those ten floors? That’s where the UN offices were located.

    Bolton is, at the risk of understating things, very, very pro-war.

    This could be Trump’s worst pick yet — or, worse than that, the most dangerous person he’s yet appointed to any position. Bolton is not incompetent, nor is he stupid, nor is he lazy.

    To the contrary, he will actively work for war, likely with Iran or Syria, or heaven forfend, North Korea. That would be the perfect endgame for John Bolton, who just last month actually wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal called “The Legal Case For Striking North Korea First.”

    If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

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