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  • Michael Cohen’s Latest Move Just Proved That Trump’s Steele Dossier Is In Fact True (DETAILS)

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    There is literally no end to the intrigue surrounding Donald Trump, his lawyer Michael Cohen, and the fallout from the raid on Cohen’s offices on April 9. That FBI action resulted in mountains of evidence that has multiple parties scrambling to cover their tracks in one way or another.

    Donald Trump hired an entirely new attorney specifically to deal with whatever comes out of the raid. AMI, the parent company of the National Enquirer, has released Karen McDougal — the Playboy Playmate whose story about the president includes an ongoing affair during the early days of his marriage to Melania — from the non-disclosure agreement that prevented her from discussing it.

    But most curiously of all, Cohen himself made an unexpected move on Thursday that truly underscores the gravity of the FBI raid: He dropped the two high-profile libel suits he had in motion against BuzzFeed — the media outlet that originally published the now-infamous “Steele Dossier” in its entirety — and against FusionGPS, the data firm that employed Christopher Steele in the process of compiling the memos that would eventually compile that Dossier.

    The sudden shift comes after the announcement that special counsel lead attorney Robert Mueller had evidence that an allegation in the dossier about Cohen was, in fact, true, after months and months of Cohen insisting it was a lie: That he made a trip to Prague in 2016 with the express intention — and successful execution — of a meeting with a high-level Russian official regarding the US election.

    The lawsuits alleging libel against BuzzFeed and FusionGPS both hinged on whether or not Cohen had made that trip, since the libel claim was based on the two defendants having claimed something that was untrue.

    Cohen’s mad dash to drop the lawsuits — more than a week after the raid — indicates that Michael Cohen only now is beginning to understand the full weight of evidence turned up in his office that he may not have remembered was even on site.

    It also indicates that the Steele Dossier is true.

    In fact, much of this late stage of the Mueller investigation and the surrounding investigations of Cohen and even Fox News talking head Sean Hannity are surrounded by people suddenly realizing what a bucket of syrup they’re stuck in. It has normally cautious people saying things that they wouldn’t normally say, including Trump’s own former lawyer, who has now very publicly declared his belief that Cohen will “flip” on the president — forgetting, of course, to insist that there’s no reason to worry about that, because the president clearly did nothing wrong.


    Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images