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  • Trump Freaking Out After Sources Reveal Cohen Is Out For Revenge And Will Spill The Beans (DETAILS)

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    It has long been believed that Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was a big fan of the pu**y grabbing president, but according to sources who’ve spoken to the New York Times, it appears that over the years the two men have had a less than cordial relationship — or at least relatively one-sided.

    The sources have noted that even though Cohen is privy to some of Trump’s most private details, the president has treated Cohen dreadfully over the years and has often been abusive to his most trusted legal confidant.

    One of the sources, Roger Stone, told the Times, “Donald goes out of his way to treat him like garbage.” Another, Sam Nunberg, told the publication that “whenever anyone complains to me about Trump screwing them over, my reflective response is that person has nothing to complain about compared to Michael.”

    Trump is well-known for his awful treatment of people in his employ and seemingly even Cohen is no different. He has threatened to fire Cohen at least twice and has been regularly abusive to him over their strained relationship.

    Tim O’Brien, the Trump biographer, noted that he felt that Trump never felt that Cohen was fiercely loyal to him. “I think his abusive behavior to Michael is animated by his feeling that Michael is inadequate,” he said. Trump demands extreme loyalty from those around him and although Cohen has never been publicly disloyal to the president, there has always been a feeling in the Trump camp that Cohen is not loyal enough to the president.

    With everything he knows you think that Trump would treat Cohen a little better, but Trump is a user and he understands that Cohen, no matter how much he despises the president, will never spill his guts to the media — though I bet he would love to, I’m sure he has plenty of stories that would destroy the presidency if he felt like it.

    We can only hope that one day he changes his mind.

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images