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  • Reporter Stunned After Trump Snaps At Him For Asking Question, French President Mortified (VIDEO)

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    On Tuesday, President Donald Trump was asked if he was going to pardon his lawyer, Michael Cohen. Even though Cohen has not been accused of a crime as of yet, it would’ve been a preemptive strike to insulate himself from accusations. However, it’s worth noting that a recent raid at Cohen’s apartment wouldn’t have been approved if the FBI did not have viable dirt on Cohen. A raid is launched on the fact that a crime has already been committed.

    When Trump was asked about a potential pardon, he snapped at ABC News’ Jonathan Karl. The president glared at Karl, and simply said that that was a “stupid question.”

    There has also been speculation that Trump’s recent pardon of former vice presidential chief of staff Scooter Libby was a signal to Cohen and those within that circle that if they refused to cooperate with investigators, he would pardon them. So no, it’s not a stupid question – it is a rather viable one.

    Why Was Cohen Raided?

    Cohen is Trump’s lackey in every way – he said that he would “take a bullet for the president,” and is the designated guy to “protect the president and the family” at all costs. He has threatened people, paid hush money to protect the president, and has made profane threats to safeguard Trump.

    The FBI raid was made to seize documents from him, suggesting that whatever evidence they have signaled some severe wrongdoing. The New York Times reports that agents were attempting to locate records and details about the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels, with The Washington Post noting that Cohen is under “under federal investigation for possible bank fraud, wire fraud and campaign finance violations.”

    The raid can also be trouble for Trump. Right after the raid occurred, the president claimed that the raid was an “attack on our country.” If the raid finds any relevant information about Russian collusion, then that information can be passed on to Robert Mueller’s investigation team. If Cohen faces charges, then there is also the possibility of him flipping and coughing up incriminating information on Trump as part of a plea deal.

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