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  • Shocking Reason For N. Korea’s Denuclearization Has Been Revealed And It Has Nothing To Do With Trump

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    In just a couple of months, or so we’ve been told, Trump will be meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, to discuss possible “peace” within the Korean nation and the world. This meeting, the date of which is still undetermined (and possibly non-existent), has everyone on edge for good reason — but over the weekend, North Korea announced that it would cease all nuclear tests.

    According to Vox:

    On Friday, Kim announced his country would no longer test nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, which he used to threaten the world for much of 2017. Kim said his country didn’t need to conduct more tests because he already knows how effective they are — which is scary.

    That is very scary, indeed.

    Trump’s response was to be expected. Not only was it in his usual self-congratulatory style, but it was completely racist on top of it when he called MSNBC journalist Chuck Todd “Sleepy Eyes,” which is a known anti-Semitic term for Jewish people.

    As usual, Trump’s tweets have come back to bite him in the ass, because early this morning Chinese scientists have revealed the REAL reason for N. Korea’s decision to halt nuclear tests. Guess what? It wasn’t because of Trump.

    The Wall Street Journal Reports:

    BEIJING—A large part of North Korea’s underground nuclear test facility is unusable due to the collapse of a cavity inside the mountain after the latest test-detonation occurred, according to Chinese seismologists involved in a soon-to-be-published study.

    The experts, led by researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China, warned that another blast in the same spot and with similar yield to the one on Sept. 3 could cause “environmental catastrophe.”

    The Journal goes on to report:

    “The occurrence of the collapse should deem the underground infrastructure beneath mountain Mantap not be used for any future nuclear tests.”

    Once again, Trump has lied to the American people. He had nothing to do with any sort of “denuclearization,” as he called it in his Twitter rant. North Korea has not backed down and we would be wise to keep in mind that Kim Jong-Un is probably more volatile than our so-called “president.”

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