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  • Sarah Sanders Loses It In Front Of Reporters Over Questions About Melania (VIDEO)

    Donald Trump, Politics, Women

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, has reacted angrily to suggestions by the media that First Lady Melania Trump is shunning the president and is essentially living a segregated life away from him, but still within the confines of the White House in order to maintain the facade of normality.

    Sanders’ response was triggered by an article in the Washington Post that posited the idea of the first lady living a quiet life out of the way in the wake of the Stormy Daniels affair. Sanders took exception to the newspaper’s line, “Melania Trump has settled into a quieter routine, often apart from the president, raising their son and carving out a place for herself in a most untraditional White House.”

    But her response was unconvincing and did little to undermine what the Post has written. She replied, “That is an outrageous and ridiculous claim. The first lady lives here at the White House. We see her regularly.”

    There’s no doubt that Sanders, and indeed the rest of the White House staff, see the first lady regularly — but that wasn’t even the statement that was posed. The defiant refusal to acknowledge the actual issue at hand really doesn’t do much for the perception that Melania is doing what any woman who’s ashamed of her husband might do.

    What is clear is that the Trump presidency is at a fractious point and is liable to snap at any moment. Between the affair with an adult film star and the special investigation into Trump over his by now well-established links to Russia, it’s quite likely that Sanders is trying as hard as possible to deflect attention away from the president’s real worries. The truth is, if Trump was that worried about his wife then he wouldn’t have cheated on her in the first place.

    Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images