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  • Trump’s Sec Of State Just Botched Kim Jong-Un’s Name In Disastrous Fashion

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    Before heading off to North Korea, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke with reporters and answered questions about President Trump’s planned summit meeting with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un.

    Bot one comment he made stirred up a lot of controversy. Pompeo explained that the U.S. was starting “to put some outlines around the substance of the agenda for the summit between the president and Kim Jong Un.”

    Pompeo clearly wasn’t aware that Kim Jong Un should be referred to as “Chairman Kim” since that is his family name. As part of their culture, Korean first names are used after their family names, though South Korean first names also typically include a hyphen.

    Our country’s chief diplomat is just learning that, which is humiliating for our nation. A few people on Twitter expressed their concerns:

    This type of stuff only serves to highlight the gross incompetence of not only Pompeo but of the staff that serves under him. Think about it: how many people saw that statement before it was released? Apparently, no one under this administration can do their job right.

    Featured image via NYT