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  • BREAKING: US Ambassador Quits, Shreds Trump On His Way Out (DETAILS)

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    John D. Feeley has quit as US Ambassador to Panama. Feeley has spoken to the media about President Trump and has brazenly compared the former reality TV star to a “velociraptor,” which is rather an insult to the dinosaur. Speaking to the New Yorker, Feeley said, “In private, he is exactly like he is on TV, except that he doesn’t curse in public.”

    John D. Feeley

    The former Marine Corps helicopter pilot, who is a career diplomat finally quit his role insisting he could no longer work for the Trump administration. He even took the step of writing an opinion piece for the Washington Post that was disparaging, to say the least, about Trump and his running of the country. He also spoke at length in his New Yorker piece and discussed his opinions on Trump’s leadership and diplomacy saying, “my experience and my worldview is that we will become weaker and less prosperous.”

    One of his anecdotes on his first meeting with the president was that Trump wondered about what Panama offered the US. He said that Trump asked him: “So tell me—what do we get from Panama? What’s in it for us?” It is hardly a surprise that Trump is this overtly direct in private – even in public, he has been critical of bilateral relations between the US and several key partners.

    It’s no surprise that someone who cares as much about international diplomacy cannot stand to work for Trump. The man lacks the basic diplomacy skills that are required of a president and is an international embarrassment that will live long in the memory. It does seem that there is anything that will sway Trump from his destructive path and it is unlikely that this resignation will change anything. But the revelations are another sad insight into just how bad things are in the White House and only encourages hope for what a post-Trump future will look like.

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