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  • Trump Devastated As His BFF Sean Hannity Condemns Roseanne For Racism (TWEET)

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    Donald Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity have become so disgustingly close over the last several months that the president regularly asks the advice of the insane conservative TV host over his own top advisors and administration experts. Trump also talks to Hannity nearly every night before he goes to bed, making it clear that these two are BFFs.

    However, what Hannity just did might have just ended this disturbing bromance.

    Everyone has been reacting to actress Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet about former Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, in which the ‘Roseanne’ star likened Jarrett to an ape. This tweet caused ABC to cancel ‘Roseanne’ completely — a move that will devastate the president considering that Trump has been very public about his support for Barr and the show. Given that Hannity is such close friends with the president and has extremely ridiculous conservative views, America has been waiting for the Fox News host to weigh in and defend Barr — but he just did the opposite.

    In fact, Hannity didn’t go the “free speech” route that everyone expected him to at all. Hannity branched off from the reactions that several of his Fox News colleagues had given and tore into Barr for her disgusting tweet. On his radio show, Hannity said:

    “It is an outrageous comment. She was right to apologize. I think with social media a lot of people just send things out. Especially comedians are always in danger ’cause they just think they’re being funny and they’re not.”

    You can listen to Hannity’s radio segment about Roseanne’s racism here.

    This is certainly surprising coming from Hannity — and we all know that Trump won’t agree with this at all. As Trump is scheduled to speak at a rally tonight in Nashville for GOP Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn, there’s a very good chance that Trump will give his response to his favorite show being canceled and voice his support for Barr. And since Hannity is also scheduled to talk more about Barr’s tweet on his radio show tonight, this could very well be the last night that Trump and Hannity are friends.

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