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  • White House Finally Reveals Melania’s Whereabouts After She Has Not Been Publicly Seen In Weeks

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    We’re all used to the book-based game Where’s Waldo? But there is now a new game in town: Where’s Melania? The first lady hasn’t been seen in public now for 19 days and those in the wider media are concerned for her. It is understood that Melania had a kidney operation on the 14th of May and has been active on her social media accounts, but has not been seen in public since the 10th of May.

    Her media people have suggested that she is fine and is taking meetings with aides. But the concern is real as to whether the first lady is actually ok. Clearly, she is still married to President Trump, so life is obviously miserable for her already. But is there something more at play?

    “She has had several meetings internally with staff, and will continue to do so this week. We are focusing on her initiatives, and also some longer-term planning for events such as the congressional picnic and 4th of July,” her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham said exclusively to Daily Mail.

    Grisham is Melania’s closest confidante and has offered no further detail on when we can expect to see the first lady in public again. It’s clear that Melania needs a break from everything that’s going on around her — 2018 has been a tough year in the Trump household. The allegations of impropriety were bad enough, but what followed was even worse.

    The allegations that her husband had slept with an adult star and consequently paid her off to keep quiet may have proved to be just too much for her to bear. All of this has added to the pressure of what is clearly an unhappy home. Melania has rarely been by the president’s side since they relocated to Washington and the adult star revelations might be the final nail in the coffin of the marriage.

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images