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  • BREAKING: Jared Kushner’s Best Friend Now Under Investigation By Mueller

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    Trouble doesn’t seem to end for the Trump family as NBC reports that Jared Kushner’s close friend Richard Gerson, who works as a hedge-fund manager in New York, is under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. At least five people have confirmed that he met the president’s associates and foreign officials, and the investigative team finds those meetings suspicious for a multitude of reasons:

    1. Back in January 2017, Gerson was in Seychelles. That was around the same place and time Erik Prince met Russian businessman Kirill Dmitriev and officials from UAE including the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi. Eric introduced himself as Trump’s unofficial representative and was later under scrutiny by Mueller.
    2. Later in the UAE, Kushner’s friend met Prince Mohammed where he had an interaction with Lebanese-American businessman George Nader. Nader is the person who organized Erik Prince’s meeting and thus his talking to Gerson is a clear sign of his involvement in the Russia scandal.
    3. Quite possibly Gerson attended the notorious meeting at Four Seasons hotel in New York where Kushner, Prince Mohammed, Steve Bannon and others under suspicion were present.

    Mueller has been keenly interested in investigating the links of the scandal with officials in countries other than Russia — like UAE — and Gerson seems to be another big fish in his net. Since the hedge-fund manager had not disclosed his presence at the meeting earlier, he may have to answer a lot of tough questions now.

    Gerson’s spokesperson told NBC News, “Mr. Gerson was on vacation in Seychelles prior to the meeting you reference. He knew nothing about the meeting, had left before the meeting was reported to have taken place, and has never met or communicated with Erik Prince.” However, he didn’t answer why his boss had to meet Prince Mohammed or communicate with Nader.

    The spokesperson added, “Mr. Gerson attended the meeting in New York along with Mr. Blair to discuss this issue,” where he agreed that Gerson at least knew about the second meeting.

    While the justifications are hard to believe, we are sure Mueller will find the truth. As for the moment, it is obvious that the Trump family must be in a panic as the noose tightens around them.

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