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  • Billionaire GOP Donors Send Big F*ck You To Trump, Sponsor Ads For Democrats (DETAILS)

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    Donald Trump has ruined all hope for the Republican Party for the midterm elections. Not only has he convinced the American people (many of whom were once Trump supporters) that he and his GOP buddies are not acting in the interests of the public, but he’s turned major Republican donors away in droves. The Democrats have a big opportunity to take back control of Congress, and a major GOP donor has just helped it a big way.

    It turns out that Trump has pissed off billionaire GOP donor the Koch Brothers so much, they’re actually helping Democratic candidates! Americans for Prosperity, a group in the Koch network that has been supported by conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch, has just launched a major ad campaign for Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota.

    Heitkamp earned the support of the Koch Brothers after co-sponsoring the bipartisan Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protect Act, which eliminates Dodd-Frank regulations on community banks. Americans for Prosperity Tim Phillips said of Heitkamp:

    “Congress achieved a significant milestone in lifting some of the toughest restrictions Dodd-Frank placed on small banks and their consumers. This was a bipartisan effort made possible by lawmakers like Heidi Heitkamp who put politics aside to work together.

    “While we don’t agree with Sen. Heitkamp on everything, particularly her vote against tax relief, we commend her for taking a stand against the leaders of her party to do the right thing. We hope to find common ground and work with Sen. Heitkamp on other issues moving forward including making tax relief permanent.”

    The Kochs have usually been thought of as partisan, but they’re singing a different tune now thanks to Trump. This is a big step for the Koch Brothers as they begin to break away from Trump, although it’s not the first time. In the past, the Koch Brothers have supported bipartisan issues like criminal justice reform and protection for the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. If the Kochs start launching ad campaigns for more Democrats, there is really no hope for the GOP.

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