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  • Former Trump Aide Calls Trump Out, What He Says Will Have Him In A Rage

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    Trump had admirers and followers back when he was campaigning for the presidency, but with time, his supporters have realized how stupid their decision to elect him was.

    Republicans leaders, conservative icons, and his former allies have started insulting him publicly and I just cannot blame them for it. Trump deserves it.

    The president’s former aide, Sam Nunberg, is another one on the list of Trump’s ex-supporters who are ridiculing his impulsive behavior. The Manhattan-based public affairs consultant called Trump a “notorious gossip who is unable to keep secrets that do not involve him.”

    Speaking to Politico, the former campaign aide said:

    “He’s good at keeping secrets that involve him. On the other hand, the guy’s a f-cking yenta.”

    “Yenta,” is Yiddish for a woman who enjoys gossip and that is a serious insult for the president who is clearly a proud misogynist.

    Nunberg was Trump’s political advisor during the 2016 presidential campaign. He was the among those who involved themselves with the Russia scandal to help the president, an act he certainly regrets now. Nunberg was also issued a subpoena by a grand jury for supporting Trump with his misdeeds. He publicly condemned the investigation against him and tried to ignore the subpoena, though he had to finally give in. Later he admitted that Trump “may have done something during the election.”

    Interestingly, another of Trump’s former campaign managers, Corey Lewandowski, who was answering to the same interview by Politico, called his president’s outspoken behavior a positive trait. Lewandowski said, “He’s a people person,” Lewandowski also told Politico.

    “He relays information because he wants to solicit as much feedback as possible. I don’t see that as a negative. I see that as a positive.”

    Of late, it is clear that Trump’s own people are fed up with him and those who are not are trying too hard to justify their decision to lick his boots.

    Photo by Olivier Douliery – Pool/Getty Images