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  • White House Tells Americans Trump Is ‘Working’ On North Korea; Here’s What He’s Doing Instead

    Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is the laziest president this country has ever seen, and his allergy to doing the work his job requires has gotten so bad that the White House is constantly forced to cover for him while he does nothing.

    Right now, the Trump administration claims that Trump is working around the clock to get ready for the on-again North Korea Summit on June 12th, but Trump just blew that lie out of the water. Unable to keep up with a cohesive story to save his own a**, Trump spent today on Twitter, tweeting about trivial nonsense that was completely unrelated to North Korea. In fact, Trump was tweeting about golf and kissing Fox News’ a** instead.

    In two tweets, Trump bragged about a 1954 golf “record”, before praising Fox News and attacking “Fake News CNN.”

    For someone who is supposed to be getting ready for a major nuclear summit with high stakes, Trump sure doesn’t seem like he’s taking things seriously. To make matters worse, Trump also decided to retweet Kim Kardashian West, after she visited him at the White House earlier this week to talk about prison reform and a possible pardon for Alice Marie Johnson.

    I guess this is Trump’s approach to foreign policy — to ignore the fact that there is major work to be done ahead of this summit, making it even more inevitable that he will f*ck everything up (if he doesn’t chicken out and cancel the summit… again). This has been Trump’s style since his presidential campaign when he would frustrate his team by refusing to do any preparation for debates.

    Trump is treating his meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un like a photo-op instead of the high-stakes summit that it is. It will be another event in which Trump has no idea what he’s talking about and embarrasses the entire country as the world watches.

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    Patti Colli

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