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  • Giuliani Just Admitted During Live Interview That Trump Lies; This Won’t End Well For Him

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    Three months before the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump Jr. met with several people at the Trump Tower in New York City, including the representative of two Arab princes and an Israeli social media specialist who offered to help Trump and his campaign. The New York Times reported that the social media expert, Joel Zamel, introduced the idea of investing millions of dollars in putting together a “proposal for a social media manipulation effort to help elect Mr. Trump.” It still isn’t clear if that proposal panned out and was executed.

    Donald Trump Jr. has gone on record to say that the meeting was to discuss a program about the adoption of Russian children and that he was participating in his own accord. However, in a confidential letter to special counsel Robert Mueller, Trump and his legal team acknowledge that the would-be president “dictated” the meeting as well as the initial statement released by his son.

    More Word Vomit by Rudy Giuliani

    In a sit-down interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Giuliani mentioned that it might be unlikely that the president will sit down to be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller.

    Giuliani has decided to go full attack dog, saying that he would take Mueller to court if the special counsel attempted to subpoena Trump. It’s also worth noting that Trump’s lawyers argue that he cannot commit obstruction of justice in the eyes of the special counsel because of his constitutional authority over the investigation. The letter also states that Trump is not required to sit for an interview with Mueller.

    It seems like the Trump administration is doing anything in its power to undermine the Russian probe, realizing that if the Trump were ever to be sat down for an interview, then that may spell trouble for his administration.

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