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  • Audience Member At ‘Celebrate America’ Event Just Humiliated Trump, Made Him Look Like Major Loser

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    Former reality show star Donald Trump has had quite a day today trying to force black people into looking patriotic, or at least Trump’s pretentious version of patriotism. Trump disinvited the Eagles from joining him at the White House after their victory because most of them didn’t want to show up. So, Trump pretended that it was because they kneeled during the national anthem in a form of silent protest against racial inequality and police brutality. As it happens, that is fake news because the Eagles did not kneel this season. Trump was just protecting his fragile ego.

    Trump held an event to celebrate America and play the national anthem. Trump stumbled through the words as the military sang ‘God bless America.’

    During that time, at least one attendee took a knee while on Trump’s front yard. The unidentified man kneeled, then got up and apparently, just walked away.


    Jesper Zølck with Denmark’s TV 2 said that he asked the unidentified man “why he did it” but he wouldn’t answer. He ‘politely said no’ and declined to give his name. We have a name for him. It’s ‘Hero.’ That was a pretty ballsy thing to do right on Trump’s lawn. He made a statement without saying a word.

    After the national anthem was played, Trump spoke for a few minutes about the importance of standing for the national anthem. Trump claimed the event was “even bigger than we had anticipated.” We’ve heard him say the same about his inauguration crowd size, too.

    Image via screen capture. 

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