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  • BREAKING: Judge Rules Trump Must Sit For Deposition Over Defamation Case

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    Donald Trump will face a sit-down deposition, a judge has ruled, in a case brought against him by a contestant from his show The Apprentice. The case was brought by Summer Zervos, a former contestant on the reality TV show who claims that the president defamed her by insisting that her account of being groped by him in 2007 was a fabrication.

    In a court order, Judge Jennifer Schechter insisted that the president must be deposed according to a report in the New York Post. The Post went on to state that the trial is likely to take place sometime after June of next year. The worry for the prone-to-lying president now is that he will be under oath — surely he will be worried about potentially being caught in a trap.

    Zervos’s case is just one of many that have surrounded the president since he decided to run for office. Several different claims from women, all along the same theme of inappropriate touching, unwanted kissing, and other forms of sexual assault came to light during the presidential campaign. Trump, though, went on the offensive and claimed that all of the women’s claims, no matter how unconnected they were, or how they all said the president acted in the same manner, were “made up.”

    Trump is no stranger to trouble from his disgusting treatment of women — at the moment he has the rather large problem of the adult star “Stormy Daniels” that he had an affair with while Melania Trump was pregnant. There is also the audio clip that contained the immortal line “grab ’em by the pussy” that initially alerted America to just how problematic Trump’s view of women is.

    But this discomfort is going to pale into comparison when it comes to a deposition — and Trump, as sitting president, will have to testify under oath that he did not grope a woman. It seems that every day there’s a new low for President Trump.

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