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  • BREAKING: Manafort To Await Trial In Prison After Federal Judge Sets New Court Date

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    It’s been a long road for Trump’s 2016 campaign manager Paul Manafort. In fact, the road’s been so long between Manafort and Donald Trump that it hardly seems fair to limit his description to “Trump’s campaign manager.” After all, The Donald has been a client of the international criminal for more than 30 years, despite his protestations that the Department of Justice didn’t “warn” him about Manafort.

    But in the world’s most productive “witch hunt” in history, the three witches around the Macbeth cauldron of this administration seem to be Donald himself, his fixer Michael Cohen, and Paul Manafort, who has prided himself on successfully casting spells around the world for decades, to the tune of millions and millions of dollars of personal enrichment.

    There are other key players, for sure, but the Big Three are the ones we keep seeing screw everything up: Donald Trump regularly tweets out self-incriminating statements, Michael Cohen’s arch-nemesis Michael Avenatti has effectively BURIED him in inculpatory evidence of multiple crimes, and Paul Manafort — well, he seems singularly determined to continue committing crimes even while he’s being watched for committing crimes.

    I mean, you almost gotta hand it to him — the man never breaks character.

    But unfortunately for Manafort, he’s been caught again, this time in a case of witness tampering, and it looks like he’s going to prison a little earlier than everyone thought.

    According to a new report from CNBC, the federal judge in Manafort’s Washington, D.C. case, Amy Berman Jackson, has set a date less than two weeks from today to determine whether the foreign agent for Russia’s bail should be revoked, and it just doesn’t look like there’s anything but prison in Manafort’s future.

    It’s hard to imagine a reality in which Manafort doesn’t await his July trial for tax fraud, bank fraud, and enough other charges that they would effectively result in a life sentence for the 69-year-old lobbyist and career criminal in a prison cell for violating his bail, after federal prosecutors filed actual copies of the text messages that Manafort sent in February — while he was being monitored by federal agents — intended to influence the testimony of other witnesses:

    If it seems dumb to you to think that someone would try to send encrypted messages intended to tamper with witnesses while under the watchful eye of the world best intelligence agencies, remember: This is a guy who partnered up with Donald Trump.

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