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  • BREAKING: Trump Admin Just Made Huge Announcement Regarding Job Opening

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    The Trump administration has given up on filling the third and final justice position behind Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal the administration has conceded that they’re unlikely to fill the position because they cannot get anyone to take it.

    The WSJ noted:

    “The delay in filling the post is the latest sign of the difficulties besetting the agency, which lacks permanent, politically appointed leaders to oversee at least five high-profile units, including the criminal, civil and tax division.”

    There have been potential suitors for the role, but so far all of them have turned down the opportunity to potentially be forced to defend the president. It’s of little surprise with all of the president’s worries that he struggles to attract legal talent to his team. The job is a thankless task and the chances of having to perjure yourself are higher than with any other client. Many of even Trump’s closest confidants have been pushed out to suit Trump’s mood. Most of them had a very good relationship with the beleaguered president, but due to his legal entanglements, he chose to throw them under the bus. it must be one of the most difficult jobs in the American legal system trying to defend somebody who needs to be defended on quite so many different sides.

    With his recent attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, it hardly seems reasonable to want to work with Trump. Who wants to take a job with the president? As soon as he is even mildly upset with you he’s probably going to throw you to the dogs and for those in the legal world, the reward is not worth the risk. Just ask those who have been cast aside. Even Sessions now appears to be looking down the barrel, and he has been Trump’s biggest supporter!

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