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  • BREAKING: Federal Judge Rules Against Trump Over Sanctuary City Case (DETAILS)

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    Trump must be having a bad day, so much so that after a series of frustrated tweets justifying his wife’s absence from the public stage he would soon be informed that a federal judge put a halt to his racist agenda.  The judge ruled in favor of the city of Philadelphia on Wednesday in a case related to immigration.

    The city of Philadelphia is believed to be a sanctuary city, and its officials were not in cooperation with Trump on immigration issues or his policy to push out residents of the area. To force them into giving up, Trump was trying to withhold the law enforcement grants to the city. We know it’s pathetic, but so is the president and his administration.

    Jeff Gammage from The Philly Inquirer reported that Trump’s withholding the grants “violates the statutory and constitutional law,” and that a Federal judge has ruled in favor of the local police. The judge added that the action of the city police was justified and their not giving up to Trump’s whiny demands was “reasonable, rational,” and “equitable.”

    This is the second ruling of it’s kind. Last year, another federal judge ruled against Trump in a similar case when he refused to release law enforcement grants, mentioning that doing so would cause “irreparable damage” to Philadelphia’s law enforcement ability.

    The judgments apart, starving the local police of funds could be a series problems for the law and order of the area, but narcissist Trump is unconcerned, especially because the president himself believes the city has a law and order problem. Let’s hope people don’t forgive him for this shameless failed attempt.

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