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  • BREAKING: Top Aide In Trump’s EPA Resigns After Latest Controversy (DETAILS)

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    Millan Hupp, a top aide to Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt, has resigned after telling a congressional committee that she was asked to secure a used mattress from the Trump International Hotel in Washington. Hupp was the EPA’s director of scheduling and advance.

    Another top EPA official told the Atlantic that Hupp was weary of Pruitt, and was “tired of being thrown under the bus.” Pruitt responded to the resignation with a public statement that shows that he is more dedicated to saving face then to speak truth to the dozens of scandals surrounding his agency: “I’ve had the opportunity to know Millan for the last several years as a colleague, friend and trusted partner. She has done outstanding work in all of her endeavors here and will be sorely missed. I wish her all the best.”

    About The Used Mattress Scandal

    Democrats on the House Oversight Committee want to subpoena Pruitt since they believe that he misused employees for personal errands, including a case where he ordered one of his aides (Hupp) to purchase an old mattress from a Trump Hotel that he had stayed in.

    A recent interview by Democrats with Hupp has spurred the investigation. Hupp told the Democrats about the strange errands that he would have her do, including using his credit card to book personal flights, such as a trip to the Rose Bowl.

    Several scandals have rocked Pruitt and the agency that he heads. In March, Hupp was one of a duo of aides to receive significant salary increases from Pruitt after he used a little-known piece of legislation to authorize the raises without White House oversight.

    Jahan Wilcox, spokesperson for the EPA, wouldn’t comment on Hupp’s resignation. However, he did call Elaina Plott, the Atlantic staff writer who put a spotlight on the story, a “piece of trash.”

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