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  • BREAKING: Leaked Audio Of FEMA Meeting Reveals Trump’s Response To Thousands Of Deaths In Puerto Rico

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    President Donald Trump apparently avoided talks about the hurricane that ravaged Puerto Rico during what was supposed to be a meeting on disaster preparedness this past Wednesday. Instead, Trump focused on the cost of purchasing military equipment, attacking California’s election process, and praising industrial factories in Wisconsin. He spoke about literally almost everything else, barely focusing on Puerto Rico.

    Leaked Audio of Fema Meeting

    Leaked audio from the 40-minute meeting at Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters showed him being self-aggrandizing but saving face during a 15-minute presentation in front of cameras, where Trump finally mentioned Puerto Rico and the states hit by the hurricane. Of course, he didn’t address the bloodstain all over his hands: He skipped over a recent Harvard study that estimated that around 4500 deaths on the island have been linked to Hurricane Maria — a number just under 75 times the “official” government toll. Harvard says that there might’ve been more than 4500 deaths between September 20 and December 31, 2017. Trump’s government is still sticking to their official death count of 64 people.

    The Trump administration has been heavily criticized due to its lackadaisical approach with Puerto Rico. It took about two weeks before Donald Trump finally visited the island territory, and his behavior while visiting was less than comforting, callously throwing paper towels at people instead of being a source of comfort.

    Trump has also downplayed the effects of Hurricane Maria, saying that it wasn’t a “real catastrophe.” He said that Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 was much more deadly. But this may be statistically inaccurate, with about 1800 deaths in the Gulf Coast area directly or indirectly related to Hurricane Katrina.

    Even in times of need, Trump focused on patting himself on his back, instead of focusing on hard facts – like the fact that his administration has largely failed Puerto Rico.

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