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  • Trump and Pence Just Did The Weirdest Thing During A Meeting, Internet Erupts In Chaos (VIDEO)

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    The circus that is Donald Trump’s White House just gets more bizarre with every passing second. Lately, it has seemed as though the president is rubbing off on his team because just over the last few days, America witnessed nasty outbursts from both of Trump’s loudest mouthpieces, counselor Kellyanne Conway and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But yesterday, something really weird happened during a meeting at FEMA Headquarters and it involves someone even closer to the president — Vice President Mike Pence.

    Trump and Pence are currently going viral due to some mind-boggling footage that was taken during their meeting on Wednesday when the cameras picked up some extremely odd behavior between the two. For once, it’s not what Trump said that is making headlines — it’s what he did.

    At some point during the meeting, Trump — for some unknown reason — grabbed his water bottle and removed it from the table, only to place it on the floor. Weird. But that’s not even the height of it. Just a few seconds after Trump performed this bizarre behavior, Pence did the exact same thing.

    You can watch the disturbing video below:

    This is just beyond weird, and it’s making everyone all sorts of uncomfortable. The response to the video on social media has been explosive and people are going nuts trying to decode this weird coordinated stunt. Here are some of the hilarious responses from perplexed viewers:

    Trump and Pence get scarier every day. While we would like nothing more than to see Trump get impeached, we have to admit that Pence is pretty horrifying, too — and this video proves that he might be even worse than his boss. In the meantime, the Trump administration continues to be a place of both buffoonery and horror.

    Featured image via screen capture

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