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  • Muhammad Ali’s Family Just Responded To Trump’s Pardon Comments, Tell Him To Go F*ck Himself

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    Alleged president Donald Trump, a former reality show star, has been handing out pardons like crazy. The Trump administration has prepared the pardoning paperwork for at least 30 people so far. Some people, not me, but many people are saying that Trump is on a pardoning frenzy in order to prepare the public for when he issues pardons for members of his crime family and associates. Many people are saying that. Believe me.

    Trump spoke to reporters before leaving for Canada for the G-7 summit where he will inevitably embarrass us, and said that he is “very seriously” considering pardoning Muhammad Ali, the famed boxing champion who died in 2016.

    “I’m thinking about Muhammad Ali. I’m thinking about that very seriously and some others,” Trump told reporters at the White House before departing for the Group of Seven summit. “And some folks that have sentences that aren’t fair.”

    On Friday, though, an attorney for  Ali said that Trump’s suggestion that he may pardon the late boxing champion was “unnecessary” and he explained why.

    “We appreciate President Trump’s sentiment, but a pardon is unnecessary,” Ron Tweel said in a statement. “The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Muhammad Ali in a unanimous decision in 1971.”

    “There is no conviction from which a pardon is needed,” he added.

    Trump told reporters that he’s considering pardoning Ali and others because “many of those names really have been treated unfairly” but apparently, President Stable Genius was unaware that Ali’s conviction was overturned. Reading is HARD.

    Ali was sentenced to five years in prison on draft evasion charges after refusing to be drafted into the U.S. military in 1967 while citing religious objections, but he never went to prison, and in 1971 the Supreme Court overturned his conviction.

    “He was not very popular then; his memory is very popular now,” Trump told the gaggle of reporters. “I’m thinking about Muhammad Ali. I’m thinking about that very seriously.”

    Ali was popular then and his memory is popular now. The boxing legend did, however, cause a firestorm of negative attention for changing his name when he converted to the Muslim faith.

    Trump was just taken to school by Ali’s attorney.

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