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  • BREAKING: Fox News Freaking Out As Sean Hannity Faces Possible Prison Time For Witness Tampering

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    By and large, the Fox News Network has become the parody of itself that Americans see in the movies. The doublespeak-spouting, dictator-worshiping broadcast team of sycophants that seem invaluable to a villainous president like Trump have finally leaped from the script of the latest spy thriller, intent on delivering their leader’s carefully-crafted message to the unsuspecting public through any means necessary.

    But this isn’t the movies, and despite the fact that Fox News hosts get paid like movie stars, they don’t ever get to step out of character, even for a moment. For some, that just leads to the kind of cynical, quiet life of eventual obscurity that someone like Bill O’Reilly is now forced to endure. But for a persistently obnoxious asshole like Sean Hannity, it means he either has to convince himself that he’s actually telling the truth or risk going absolutely crazy.

    Hannity has gotten himself into some pretty sticky situations due to his dogged inability to let almost anything go, or ever admit anything he’s said or done was wrong. If he weren’t the cash cow of the Fox News Network, I might suspect that he’d have gotten himself fired over his many conspiracy theories by now — deeply offensive, hurtful, easily-disproved nonsense.

    But now the Fox anchor is in a different boat entirely: In his ongoing effort to “catapult the propaganda” for Donald Trump — in this case, to help Trump and his cohorts undermine the DOJ-appointed Special Counsel investigation — it looks like Hannity may have committed a crime that could quite possibly net him a nice, round twenty years in federal prison.

    A recent broadcast of his show found Mr. Hannity recommending to his viewers, along with any potential witnesses in the Russian conspiracy investigation, that they refuse to comply with Robert Mueller’s requests from the special counsel, and instead to destroy evidence that Mueller asks for with acid, hammers, and a whole lot of smashing and deleting.

    MSNBC’s Ari Melber had on a former prosecutor from the Nixon Watergate era who was a guest so that he could explain to viewers of The Beat just exactly why what Hannity did was illegal, and what Hannity can expect from the legal system, should Mueller elect to pursue charges against him.

    It’s hard to imagine that Fox will let their resident loudmouth keep screaming if he finds himself smack-dab in the middle of a federal investigation into obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

    If they happened to can his bloated ass, that would be just fine with us.

    Watch the exchange between Ari Melber and Nick Akerman here:

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