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  • White House Staff Stunned After Trump Hires Senior Adviser To Check Their Loyalty To Him

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    Just when you think that Trump’s America can’t get any more Nazi-like, days like today come along. When I heard about the 4-month-old baby who was ripped from her mother’s arms while she was breastfeeding, the mother subsequently handcuffed for “resisting,” I was pretty sure we’d reached peak Gestapo.

    Then news came across the wire that the man in charge isn’t happy with just taking a blowtorch to everything good about America — he wants 100 percent compliance among those that work within his administration. To that end, Trump has appointed a woman inside the State Department to review aides’ and staffers’ social media posts and profiles to ensure that they are completely loyal to Donald Trump.

    That’s a page straight from the Nazi playbook. In the lead-up to World War Two, citizens not wishing to fall to the Führer’s slashing sword were made to swear allegiance, not to the state or the flag or even the political party, but specifically to Hitler himself.

    It already sounded like that to those of us who know history when Trump began talking about loyalty, or when we found out that James Comey, for example, had been asked for complete loyalty in executing his office.

    Mari Stull, whose last name, ironically, is German for “support,” is in charge of scouring Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, Instagram pages, LinkedIn bios, and anything else she can find online about employees within the Trump administration. When she finds anti-Trump posts or memes or even evidence of having signed off on policies — even if they didn’t agree with them — from Barack Obama’s administration, that employee is purged.

    Loyalty lists. That’s what we’re down to in America. Unwavering allegiance to a man. Not democracy or freedom or “The American Way,” but to the Gropenführer himself.

    Stull’s own social media accounts, of course, have all been made private, although you’re welcome to give following her on Instagram a shot. Maybe you’ll catch a picture of her with Sheriff Clarke or Seb Gorka or perhaps Stephen Miller — all good, loyal little Trumpkins.

    Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images